About House of Oog 

Why are we called “house of oog”…..? This is a question we are asked at every market. The truth is, the name “house of ooooog” was already taken.

We are a small, independent design company producing mainly wooden products.

The two of us are independent designers who also paint and sculpt and have come together too launch what we believe will be a unique partnership.

We have a strong love of, and interest in, design. Many products today, even if originally beautifully designed, can be over-produced, badly copied, and their beauty and usefulness diminished.

Our idea is to start with a very simple and daily-used object – ‘The humble chopping board’

We design and make each one of our chopping boards so no two are the same. They are practical works of art and are individual for individuals.

We do not do commissions or sell wholesale. The desire is to bring a little jump of joy or smile into the kitchen and bring the same unique joy you can get from seeing a painting or sculpture.

Our boards are practical unique joyous works of art for everyday use.