House of Oog
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House of oog
wooden boards

Handmade with love in London

House of oog boards are all handmade in a small studio in East London.

The wood is all individually chosen to reflect the strong character of each unique design. For this reason we make only a very limited number per year.

We have a genuine passion for each piece we make, for the wood, for the trees it comes from and for the wider forest environment.

We only select and work with wood that comes from sustainable and well managed forests.

We think our boards have personality and reflect the playful side that we have as creative individuals. They are little works of art that don’t just stick to the label of kitchenware but can be seen as artworks and decorations and can  bring joy into everyone's home.




We care about details.

We think about the feel and touch of our boards as much as the pleasure on the eye.

We sand then polish every board leaving them extremely smooth and naturally sealed before oiling them a minimum of 6 times over the course of a few weeks. This means they are smooth to the touch and the wood is naturally nourished.